Quality Account

Along with other NHS trusts in England, AWP publishes a Quality Account annually at the end of June.

Click here to view our Quality Account.

The Quality Account helps trusts improve how they report to the public on the quality of services provided.

It is proven that once information about the quality of health care is put into the public domain, service providers pay greater attention to quality and make changes to improve their record.

The Quality Account formally reports on the quality of our services across the key areas of safety, effectiveness and patient experience. It includes sections on:

  • How we have performed against our nationally set targets and quality standards
  • How we have performed against a set of measures that follows the service user care pathway
  • Our planned quality improvements for the coming year and how we shall report and monitor these improvements
  • Comments and assurances received from external organisations.

Much of the content meets legal requirements but additionally our Quality Account reflects input from various stakeholders, including service users, carers and clinicians.

We continually seek feedback from all who read the document to find out which elements are of most interest and value, the aspects where more information would be helpful and suggestions on any areas not covered.

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