Questions at Board meetings

We always welcome questions from members of the public. So that we can respond in the most thorough way, these should be submitted to the Chair by 12.00pm on the Monday prior to the Board meeting and if the post is delayed questions received on the Monday will be accepted.

The postal address for enquiries is: Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP), Bath NHS House, Newbridge Hill, Bath BA1 3QE and should be marked for the attention of the Company Secretary. If members of the public require assistance with producing written questions they can contact the AWP Patient and Liaison Service (known as PALS) who can assist them.

The Trust has also set up a mailbox to receive questions from members of the public with regard to the work of the Trust and specifically the Board. The Corporate Governance Officer / Coordinator will retrieve the questions from the mailbox and ensure that relevant staff members are given the questions to respond to.

At the meeting:

The Trust Board agenda includes a dedicated 10 minute question and answer (Q&A) slot for questions from the public. Some questions may have limited responses due to time constraints and the Chair will acknowledge at the meeting that further information is being sought and an appropriate response will be made.

We do not accept public board questions that relate to individuals, individual complaints or questions that have already been answered.

A log of all Board Q&A's will be maintained and published on the Trust's website and this log will be updated monthly after each Board meeting. You can find the Q&As HERE

After the meeting:

A full written response to the member of the public regarding their question/s will be provided within 10 days after the meeting. Minutes of the meeting will be approved by the Board at the following meeting, and provided along with a full set of papers to members of the public via the Trust's website.


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