How to get involved in dementia research in Bristol

Research and Development

Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust is committed to making research part of everything we do. 

We support high quality research into the prevention, treatment and management of mental health problems, addictions and dementia and aim to put research findings into clinical practice wherever possible.

We want to give everyone who uses our services, their carers and families and our staff the chance to find out about research they could take part in.  

This forms our pledge to make Research for All. This means that from time to time, we will send people who use AWP services information about suitable research opportunities that they may like to take part in. To find out more, please visit our Everyone Included page.

Research in AWP is managed by the Research and Development (R&D) team located at Fromeside, Blackberry Hill in Bristol. We have teams dealing with all aspects of R&D including R&D permissions, setting up studies, grant applications and supporting specific studies. We also have a memory research register team and a clinical question and answering service called BEST in Mental Health

AWP also has a successful dementia clinical trials centre in Swindon called the Kingshill Research Centre.

Service users, carers and public

Working with service users, carers and the public

Everyone Included

Ensuring everyone knows about research opportunities.

Professionals, academics and students

Mental health professionals, researchers, academics and students

R&D team, Kingshill Research and our partners

Find out about our teams, our partners and where they work.

Current Study Opportunities

Research projects in AWP can be accessed here.

Researcher guidance

Guidance for carrying out a research study.

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