Ways you can get involved

Users of our services, carers and members of the public can get involved in research in different ways. 

Taking part in a study

This is one of the easiest ways you can be involved and can give you access to new treatment and therapies. You may need to meet some criteria to take part.

Setting research priorities

Users of our servcies and carers have different insights and life experience than professional researchers and can offer useful ideas about topics that could be researched or the important questions research needs to answer.

Designing the study

You can advise us on how to carry out the study and help us making sure interview questions are clear and understandable.

Conducting research interviews

Interviewing participants and gathering information about  their condition, care and experience is an essential part of research. People often tell us they feel more comfortable when interviewed by someone with lived experience of mental health problems, rather than a professional. With training, you can do this and play a key part in a study.

Checking grant applications

Research projects need to be funded and applying for a grant is a vital and time consuming part of any study. We may ask you to check applications and proposals for funding and to check that proposed studies adequately involve patients and the public.

Analysing the data

If you have had a main part in the study,  you should be involved in the analysis of the data and may be involved if you have conducted interviews for the study.

Preparing the final report

The whole team usually do this, each contributing their ideas. If you have had a main part in the study, you will be encouraged to have an input into academic papers and have your name included on the paper. This is now standard practice.

Publicising results

It is important to let people know the results of research and how they are being used to improve treatment and care. You could help us publicise the results and actions in a 'patient friendly' way.

Committee membership

There are other opportunities without being directly involved in a specific study, such as being member of the Trust's R&D Committee.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these ways, please contact the R&D team.

Contact R&D

Research & Development
Fromeside, Blackberry Hill, Bristol

Contact Kingshill

Kinsghill Research Centre
The Victoria Centre, Swindon.

Email: Kingshill Research or
Tel: 01793 327 954

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