Researcher guidance

If you are a researcher wishing to carry out a study in AWP, the pages in this section will help to guide you through the processes you need to follow to set up and run your study.

All research conducted in the Trust must be submitted to R&D for research governance  review and permission before starting. Appropriate NHS research ethics committee review is also required for research involveng patients and carers.

We have produced a 'Step by step Guide' to help with the application process. It includes information relating specifically to AWP to help you complete your R&D Permission and Ethics Application forms using the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS).

Other documents and forms are available from R&D, which may help you to formulate ideas and help structure your project:

  • Research Governance Framework
  • Data protection
  • Study file management

If you are seeking funding for a research study, in the first instance contact R&D.


Contact R&D

Research & Development
Fromeside, Blackberry Hill, Bristol

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