Permissions for research

When do I need Trust R&D permission?

NHS R&D permission is required before any research involving NHS patients, staff, data or facilities can take place.

In AWP, the R&D office is responsible for carrying out these checks before permission is given by the Chief Executive or a delegated senior person.

Permission will be required from the R&D Department for each NHS organisation involved in the research, if the research proposal is to involve any one (or more) of the following:

  • Service users of the NHS
  • Individuals identified as potential participants because they are relatives or carers of NHS services users
  • Patient data, organs and other bodily materials of past or present NHS patients.
  • Foetal material and IVF involving NHS patients
  • Use of, or potential access to, NHS premises or facilities; and/or
  • NHS Staff (whether as participants or research personnel).

Types of permission

The permissions or approvals required will depend on the type of research you are undertaking, but all research taking place in the Truts must receive a favourable opinion from the independent Ethics Committee (NRES) and for CTIMPS, regulatory permission from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA).

How do I apply for permission?

An ethics application involves completion of two forms:

  • R&D form (also known as IRAS form) - this form summarises the protocol
  • Site Specific Information (SSI) form - this form outlines the various activities to be carried out locally. One SSI Form should be created for every research site listed in Part C of the R&D Form.

You can complete these forms via IRAS.

Note: There is a checklist within IRAS which details other documents that you may need to complete and include with your R&D application.

Submission of forms

You need to complete the R&D form before the SSI form, giving the R&D Office advance notice of your research study. The R&D Form, SSI Form and additional supporting documentation should be sent to us by email.

Contact R&D

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