Portfolio adoption

What is portfolio adoption for?

We encourage all researchers with NIHR-funded research studies projects to apply for NIHR portfolio adoption.


Research studies funded by NIHR and NIHR partners are eligible to be adopted on to the NIHR Portfolio. Other criteria for adoption include:

  • who is funding the research
  • if funding is awarded in open competition
  • if the study has received a peer review and
  • if the research is of value to the NHS and fits within the needs and realities of the NHS.

When to apply

If your research study meets the criteria for portfolio adoption, it is important to submit the PAF form at an early stage (before the R&D form and SSI form). This is so it can be processed via the Coordinated System for gaining NHS Permission (CSP) system for R&D approval and funding received from the NIHR.

How to apply

A portfolio adoption form (PAF) should be completed and submitted via IRAS.

One application is required for the entire research project from the lead site, where the Chief Investigator is based.

For more information visit the Clinical Research Network link.

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