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Research and Development team

Research in AWP is led by Dr Julian Walker, supported by Hannah Antoniades and a skilled Research and Development (R&D) team located at Fromeside, Blackberry Hill in Bristol. 

We deal with all aspects of R&D including R&D permissions, setting up studies, grant applications and supporting specific studies. We have

  • a team of Clinical Studies Officers (CSO) and research nurses who support the NIHR studies
  • an Everyone Included team.

All research is managed in line with NHS research governance, NHS Research Ethics and Department of Health (DH) guidelines.

Kingshill Research Centre

Kingshill Research is based at the Victoria Centre on the Great Western Hospital site in Swindon.

We are a commercial clinical trial centre and have been in operation for 20 years participating in over 100 trials during that time.

The Centre has an international reputation and is renowned for its work with Alzheimer's Disease studies. Kingshill has been involved with the trials for all the current licensed drugs for Alzheimer's Disease, including Aricept.

Clinical trials help us to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs as well as "looking at" combinations of new and existing drugs and how they work in other conditions.

While based in Swindon we welcome participants from other local areas such as Avon, North Somerset and Gloucestershire and sometimes from further afield.

All our research is carried out under strict ethical guidelines.

Although there are no certain benefits clinical trials give participants early access to new medications, prior to licensing, and allow close monitoring by the Centre Staff. Participation also gives individuals the satisfaction of knowing that the research may help others in the future and bring hope for those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

Kingshill is a small team comprising doctors, nurses, psychologists and administrators. The unit is open 5 days a week and participants are seen at the Centre.

Taking part in clinical trials involves:

Attending the Victoria Centre regularly depending on the trial.

Completing cognitive and carer assessments with a study partner –used to monitor the patient capabilities when on the trial

Taking a tablet or visiting monthly for an infusion

Monitoring of general health such as blood and ECG tests and MRI scans.

Other useful information

There is car parking outside the Victoria Centre for those wishing to attend by car.

We can, in some instances, provide a taxi service to bring participants to the Centre and return home.

Travel and refreshment costs will be reimbursed by the Sponsor companies

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Research & Development
Fromeside, Blackberry Hill, Bristol

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Kinsghill Research Centre
The Victoria Centre, Swindon.

Email: Kingshill Research or
Tel: 01793 327 954

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