Clinical Trials

Introduction to Clinical Trials

This is a selection of our current Clinical Trials.

Eisai - Mission AD Trial 

Mild Cognitive Impairment & Early AD).  Investigating the effectiveness and safety of a  tablet drug, Elenbecestat (E2609) aiming to reduce amyloid build up



  • 50-85 yrs 
  • MMSE 24+
  • Study partner/ caregiver
  • CDR score of 0.5
  • Dose stable on cholinesterase inhibitors for 12 weeks prior to baseline
  • Patients with AD  currently not on  any medication  are suitable
  • History of Seizures within last 5 years 
  • History of TIA or strokes within last 12 months
  • Contraindications for MRI
  • History of malignant neoplasms within last 5 years
  • Have any evidence  that could indicate a dementia   diagnosis other than AD on brain MRI
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