Avon and Wiltshire Mental health NHS Partnership Trust (AWP) has joined 14 other NHS Mental Health Trusts in England in a network aimed at revolutionising mental health and dementia research in the UK. 

The Clinical Record Interactive System (CRIS) has been developed with the aim of accelerating research advances in dementia and mental health which can translate data into improved clinical outcomes, enhanced service delivery and local patient benefit through innovative and extended research. 

CRIS has been adopted for use within AWP which allows authorised researchers to securely access depersonalised information extracted from AWP's electronic health records for research, audit and service evaluation. CRIS allows for a large body of information to be examined, making it easier to investigate patterns and trends, for example whether treatments are working.

Through service evaluation and research projects, we believe that CRIS can positively benefit future treatment and care for all service users across the trust.

How will CRIS affect care?

The research undertaken through CRIS will not impact directly on immediate healthcare. We believe that CRIS will provide previously unavailable research potentials which will make a positive difference to future treatment and care.

Further Information

AWP's CRIS information leaflet will be available soon.  

Further details - CRIS website

If you would like more information about taking part in research and what opportunities may be available to you, please contact the AWP research department

More information about how research and your health record can help save lives (NIHR)

More information about research using patient data (MRC)

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding CRIS please contact the CRIS administrator from Research and Development on:

Alternatively, if you wish for your records not to be included in CRIS research projects you can let us know by emailing

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