Sunshine Monday

SunshineMondayWe declared Monday 16 January 2017 as our first Sunshine Monday!

We don't care what the weather man says – if the weather man says it's raining, you'll never hear us complaining, because today is the day when we create our own internal sunshine.

Sunshine Monday is our response to Blue Monday – supposedly the most depressing day of the year – which falls on the same day. But Blue Monday was invented as a commercial marketing ploy and there's absolutely no reason for us to find the day depressing just because we're told we will. So counter the Blue Monday effect by choosing positivity – try our suggestions.


1 Wear something bright yellow. Looking at that colour can induce feelings of happiness and positivity.

2 Make a concerted effort to smile at others - even strangers. Smiling stimulates endorphin releases and can be a powerful mood-lifter. 

3 Think of three things that you're excited about, looking forward to, that make you glad or happy. Write them on sticky notes and stick them on the edge of your screen or somewhere you'll see them through the day.

4 Eat sunshine! Have an impromptu sunshine picnic (even if it has to be at your desk) made up of bright yellow, orange and red foods. How about peppers and carrots with humous, cheese and biscuits, eggs mayo sarnies, tomato salad, corn-on-the-cob, pineapple and mango? 

5 Change your screen-saver to a sunny image.

6 Try a guided sunshine meditation. You can find lots of free guided meditations on Youtube - try a few to see what works for you. We've found one or two to get you started.

7 Try some sun salutations. Even if you haven't done yoga before don't be scared to try them - again, Youtube is a great resource for learning the basics

8 Watch a TED talk on happiness

9 Go Danish! Adopt the Danish concept of 'hygge' ('hoo-guh'). Essentially it means "a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being." The roots of the word are related to 'hug' and a great example comes from Meik Wiking, the chief executive of a Copenhagen think tank called the Happiness Research Institute:  After a hike in the snow, a group of friends sat around the fireplace in their cabin wearing sweaters and woollen socks, listening to the crackle of the fire, and enjoying mulled wine. One of the friends asked, "Could this be any more hygge?" Everyone nodded when another replied, "Yes, if a storm were raging outside."

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