Improving our services

AWP is committed to providing person-centred services that are high quality and recovery focused. To achieve this AWP supports a range of innovation and improvement programmes that help to continually improve and make a difference to the services we provide.

Our current improvement programmes focus on:

  • Working more efficiently so that staff have more therapeutic time to spend with service users
  • Reorganising our services to provide more effective, recovery focused treatment
  • Improving access to our services through improved ways of working with GPs and other healthcare providers.

In addition to formal quality improvement programmes, our dedicated staff have lots of great ideas about ways in which we can improve services. Ideas about how to improve what we already do as well how we can do things differently. Making these ideas a reality takes hard work, creativity and commitment. To capture the great work of staff who implement their ideas we launched the Making a Difference Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame describes positive developments, big and small, clinical and non-clinical - from all staff groups. Innovation and improvement projects are often undertaken in partnership with service users and partner organisations and the Hall of Fame case studies recognise the importance of collaboration.

To find out about innovative projects that are making a real difference to service users, carers and staff we invite you to take a look at Hall of Fame case studies.

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