The Trust values the involvement of service users, their friends and relatives, carers and local people. With their help, we can improve our understanding of different groups' needs, and tailor our services accordingly. See our SU / Carer Involvement Leaflet for more information.

There are many ways in which individuals can become involved in the activities of the Trust.

What is involvement?difference

People who use mental health services, or care for those people, know a great deal about services, from the most important end.

Their knowledge and experience is invaluable - we want it to guide and inform us when improving services.

Involvement means:

  • Making a difference by being actively involved
  • Having your views listened to and acted upon in service planning, delivery and evaluation
  • Working together with different members of staff
  • Using your experience as a service user or carer to improve services
  • Having an opportunity to use your personal skills and experience.

People should be involved in planning their own care, in partnership with the people who provide services. You may also want to get involved in:

  • Staff recruitment , sit on committees and evaluate services
  • Helping to plan, develop and design better  policies and services for the future.

Why is it important?

We need to listen to people who have  used our services or who have cared for people using our services, so that we can see what works well and what can be improved.

We need your involvement in:

  • Staff training and induction
  • Recruitment of new staff
  • Reviewing services and providing feedback
  • Chairing and participating in groups or meetings
  • Consultations
  • Trust conferences and events.

What do you get back?

  • Meeting new people
  • Connecting with your local communities
  • Developing new skills
  • Raising self-esteem and confidence
  • Support from workers
  • Opportunities to develop your CV
  • The opportunity to make a difference.


We value the time and commitment that individuals give to AWP. There are six levels of involvement. From level two onwards AWP always offers out of pocket expenses.

AWP offers payment for the time and contribution to the following:

  • staff recruitment
  • training
  • reviewing and developing services.

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