Anger management issues

What is it?

Anger is a normal human emotion and can be provoked by a variety of circumstances. Usually these are understandable both to the individual and to those around them.

Sometimes people experience anger which is unusual either because it is an extreme reaction to minimal provocation, it occurs for no apparent or easily understood reason, or because the reaction to the anger leads to harmful consequences either for the individual or those around them.

How do we know it's happening?

Excessive anger can be part of a wider mental health problem and may be the first sign of it. A person should not be afraid to mention problems with anger or anger control. Our staff are used to hearing about these kinds of problems and will try to understand the issue and put it in its wider context.

What we offer

General problems with anger control or anger management are dealt with by a range of counselling or self-help services. If the anger reflects a more deep seated mental health problem, we will be able to help by offering psychological therapies designed to help understand the problem better and control both the anger and the behaviours associated with it. Such services are usually provided where anger complicates personality disorder or psychotic disorders.


Those with concerns should firstly speak to their GP who will direct them to services which can best help.

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