Autism spectrum

What is it?

Autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) are lifelong neuro-developmental disorders that affect how a person is able to learn and make sense of the world, process information and relate to other people.

ASCs exist on a spectrum of severity, affecting people in many different ways and to varying degrees.

How do we know it's happening?

Individuals with an autism spectrum condition (ASC) typically have difficulties with social interaction, social communication and social imagination. This is referred to as the triad of impairments.

  • Social communication - difficulties in recognising and using verbal and nonverbal communication, i.e. body language, facial expression, gesture, literal interpretation of language.
  • Social interaction - difficulties in forming and maintaining reciprocal social relationships.
  • Social imagination - strong preference for routine, difficulties with change, having interests which are pursued intensely, difficulty understanding the thoughts and intentions of other people.

What we offer

BASS Autism Services for Adults provide a service to adults with autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) and professionals and carers who support them.

There are allocated services for three geographical areas: BASS@Bristol, BASS@Bath and North East Somerset (BANES), and BASS@North Somerset.

Wiltshire Autism Diagnostic Services is a small multidisciplinary team providing an autism spectrum condition (ASC) assessment service to adults with a Wiltshire GP.

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If a service user, please raise any issues with the person who is supporting you or speak with your GP.

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