Borderline personality disorder

What is it?

This is one of the groups of personality disorders characterised by a marked and disabling difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships as well as impulsive behaviours, often including self harming. It tends to arise in late teens and early adulthood and often leads to extremely difficult early adult life. By middle life the major characteristics seem to have passed.

How do we know it's happening?

This usually involves one or more of a range of help seeking behaviours either because of marked but short lived emotional changes or a range of self harming behaviours. An intense period of engagement followed by a withdrawal from help mirrors the kind of approach to relationships that individuals will experience.

What we offer

All our recovery teams are used to helping people with border line personality disorder. Without inducing dependency on services, we offer a tailor made package of care designed to help limit self harming behaviours and promote positive and sustainable emotional attachments to others.

The work of the recovery teams can be supported by specialists in dialectical behavioural therapy which can provide an opportunity for thinking through ones problems in a different way, with proven benefit to long term outcomes.


If patterns of behaviour are causing individuals or those around them trouble, they should firstly speak with their GP who will put them in touch with services which can help.

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