Personality disorders

What is it

Abnormalities in the balance of personality characterise these disorders and significantly interfere with normal life either in the home, at work or in general social relationships.

The conditions are life long but tend to be expressed in different ways at different stages in life. Usually individuals would have been seen as rather odd, different, or unusual in childhood and will, for one reason or another, have difficulties in adapting to independent adult life.

How do we know it's happening?

It's in the nature of these conditions that the disorder is usually more obvious to other people than the individual themselves. It is difficult to give a single definition because of the wide range of conditions presented. In general people will often see the individual as odd, unusual, eccentric or perhaps with a reputation for one kind of behaviour or another. The individual themselves will notice recurring themes in their life or recurring patterns of behaviour in respect of relationships, work or social life. In one way or another they will often feel frustrated that things never seem to go right for them.

What we offer

We will try to understand an individual's problems in context and will provide an expert diagnosis. Thereafter it is almost always a range of psychological therapies designed to help individuals understand the problems and find ways of adapting their life so that they can live more comfortably and successfully within the limits of their condition or indeed to thrive by playing to their individual strengths. Such work is almost always done in the context of a wider response through self help agencies or adaptations designed to improve the ability of individuals to cope with whatever life throws at them.


A person should always speak with their GP about any concerns. If necessary, they can put them in touch with helping agencies or refer them for specialist treatment.

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