What is it?

A phobia is an exaggerated fear of a situation or object that would not normally worry others to the same extent. Phobias often lead to the person avoiding the thing that makes them anxious and this can have a big impact on day to day life. Examples include avoiding going out or refusing to fly.

How do we know it's happening?

A person will find themselves feeling anxious when faced with specific situations/objects. The symptoms of anxiety can include a racing heart, sweating, feeling lightheaded and numbness in their limbs. Even thinking about the situation may make them feel anxious.

What we offer

Unless very severe, most phobias will be treated by local primary care mental health/IAPT (improving access to psychological therapies) services. AWP is the provider of these in Wiltshire, Swindon and North Somerset. Here a person may be offered information about the problem, self help materials, courses or individual cognitive behavioural therapy. If the problem is very disabling they may be referred by their GP to secondary care services.


GPs should be the first point of contact as they will ensure the best approach for you.

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