Seasonal affective disorder

What is it?

This describes a condition where an individual has uncontrollable variations in mood associated with seasonal change. Periods of uncontrolled elation in spring or summer occur and/or episodes of depression in autumn or winter. Individual patterns vary and the condition is not always cyclical.

How do we know it's happening?

It is normal to feel some variation in mood through the week, through the month or through the year. It is only extreme variations which interfere with normal life which would count as a disorder. The individual will usually spot a pattern over a few years or alternatively family and friends will bring it to their attention.

What we offer

Many people find relief from using enhanced ultra-violet light in the autumn. Light boxes are commercially available or can often be on loan from community services.

More severe cases may require specialist intervention. We can help with accurate diagnosis and prescription of medicines for those who need it.


Any concerns should be discussed with your GP who will try to gain an understanding of the problem and get the best advice.

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