Formularies & traffic light system


AWP interfaces with six different primary care trusts, organised in to four formulary groups (shared with the local acute Trusts), and the links to these can be found on this page. The main aim of such formularies is to promote safe, effective and economic prescribing in both hospital and general practice.

If you wish to see the local acute trust formulary for your area, or set up a shared care agreement, please click on the formulary link relevant to your area on this page.

Traffic light status

Local formularies use a traffic light system to indicate who can prescribe any given medication.

  • Red drugs can only be prescribed in secondary care.
  • Amber drugs must be initiated by a specialist (this includes many drugs in psychiatry).
  • Green drugs can be prescribed by any competent prescriber
  • Blue drugs can be prescribed as an 'Alternative' (often in specific conditions) in both primary and secondary care

Some of these medications can only be handed over to primary care if there is a formal shared care agreement in place.

You can check the current traffic light status of any psychotropic in the AWP Formulary working document. Please note that the status can vary according to region (as indicated in the document), so ensure you check accordingly.

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