Manage violence together

This covers any incident of threatening behaviour, violence (including sexual or emotional violence) or abuse between adults who are or have been in a relationship together, or between family members, regardless of age, gender or sexuality. Domestic violence is rarely a one-off incident.

AWP is part of the local multi agency strategic groups that seek to help people experiencing domestic violence by developing services to help them, including specialist criminal courts, access to specialist advocacy (IDVA's), housing and refuge solutions, and access to public and private legal remedies.

AWP also works with the local multi agency risk assessment conferences (MARAC's) that are held regularly in each local authority area to allow the effective sharing of information between agencies to identify and manage high risk cases of domestic violence.

If you are concerned that an AWP service user might be at risk of, or is being subjected to domestic abuse or violence, you can discuss this with AWP staff working with the person. They can then seek to assist the person to keep themselves safe and seek multi agency support for them if that is required.

If you are concerned that someone is currently subject to domestic abuse or violence who is not an AWP service user, you can contact the police on 101 or 999 if violence is currently in progress.

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