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Most people who have or are recovering from a mental health difficulty benefit from the support of family and friends. Our aim is to make the most of these supportive relationships through being open, promoting partnership between our service users, their family and those of us who provide specialist support.

Working with carers is everyone's business...

We recognise the advantages of working together and expect our staff to encourage service users to share information with their family. This may not always be possible or desirable, but our staff will discuss this regularly and seek to foster three-way working partnerships.

This three way partnership in AWP supports recovery, promotes safety and sustains wellbeing. It is outlined in 'The Triangle of Care - Carers Included: A Best Practice Guide in Acute Mental Health Care'.

Identifying carers

The term 'Carer' may not always be understood by the service user or the person providing care and support. We encourage our staff to help the service user identify those who offer them help and comfort, so support can be given to them too.

How can AWP support you?

Promoting the service user's well-being by working with friends and family is important but considering their personal needs, particularly in their role as a carer is also vital. The service user's care co-ordinator is responsible for making sure that an assessment of the carer's needs is offered so as to enable the carer to:

  • Provide information about the service user so that a full assessment can be made of their needs and treatment options.
  • Identify their own support and information needs in order to best support the service user and themselves in the caring role.

A copy of the assessment and care plan should be given to the carer, as well as a review date.

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