Family, Friends and Carers Charter

Staff and carers from across the Trust have worked together to produce the AWP Family, Friends and Carers Charter. This was recently endorsed by the Trust Board and has launched today (Tuesday 15 April) at an event in Chippenham, Wiltshire, attended by carers and staff.

 The Charter demonstrates AWPs commitment to working with carers and is a fantastic starting point for what carers can expect when their relative or friend is receiving support from us.

 Within the 11 points that make up the charter are included pledges on the value we will place on the experience and knowledge that carers have in order that we treat them as equal partners. It commits to involving and supporting, giving access to the right information at the right time and assessing a carers own needs.

 With the Charter now available through our network of Carer groups and other support organisations,  it is certainly going to be very visible. What is more important though is to make sure it is acted upon and marks the start of a big improvement in the way that we all use our knowledge, experience, skills and ideas to support the people we care for, and we are grateful for the huge commitment that carers and staff have made to bring the Charter to life.

You can now read the Charter in full, as well as finding out how closer working has helped staff and carers to provide improved support for service users on our web page.

You can also listen in on staff and carers as they chat over some of the issues that the Charter aims to address.

Listen to our podcasts by clicking on the links below or save them to your device by right-clicking on each file and selecting 'Save target as...'


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