Video Consultations - Attend Anywhere and Skype

Attend Anywhere featuredIn response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, a video consultation tool known as 'Attend Anywhere', has been rapidly deployed nationwide to allow our services to continue in a time where face-to-face contact is severely limited.

AWP is working hard to provide innovative ways of being able to continue to provide services to our service users whilst minimising risk. We are currently undertaking a project to start to provide video consultations using Attend Anywhere and all community teams within the Trust now have access to the software.

Your safety is of upmost importance and consideration will be given when assessing the need for a face-to-face appointment in order to not only reduce the risk of infection, but also to maintain the overall health of service users, their families and our staff. Whilst some appointments will continue to be undertaken in person, many more appointments will now be completed using Attend Anywhere or by telephone.

The decision on which type of appointment is best suited for you will be clinically led by your relevant service and if an Attend Anywhere video consultation is a suitable option for you, this will be discussed with you as part of your contact with our services.  If during your Attend Anywhere appointment it becomes apparent that a face-to-face review is required, your team will then need to consider how best to facilitate this to avoid any unnecessary risks.

You will be able to access your Attend Anywhere appointment via your web browser after being provided with a link by your clinician/clinical team. There is no need to install or download any software before use. You also have the ability to access video consultations via smartphones, making the service as accessible as possible.

AWP are also starting to provide some groups over a video platform. For now we are using Skype to support these sessions whilst we consider which software can best support this in the future.

Be assured that you will receive full support and guidance prior to your first appointment conducted by video.

Please note: Use of Attend Anywhere and Skype or Microsoft Teams to support groups is for pre-booked appointments only. Should any service user need to contact their team for any other reason, they should please do so in the usual way.

Below are a number of supporting documents covering what you can expect, as well as Frequently Asked Questions for both Attend Anywhere and Skype or Microsoft Teams.

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