Mental Health Act

Mental Health Act (1983)

At the bottom of this page are BSL videos about different sections from the Mental Health Act and related information.

The videos are listed below in order.


  • Section 2: Admission to Hospital for Assessment

  • Section 3: Supervised Community Treatment

  • Section 3: Admission to Hospital for Treatment

  • Section 5 (2): Detention of patients already in Hospital

  • Section 5 (4): Nurse's power to detain a person being treated for a mental disorder as a hospital inpatient

  • Section 7: Guardianship

  • Section 37: Admission to Hospital via an Order without restrictions

  • Section 48: Transfer to Hospital of an unsentenced prisoner

  • Section 58A: Electro Convulsive Therapy

 Additional Information

  • Changing your nearest relative

  • Mental Health Act Code of Practice

  • Help from a Mental Health advocate

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