Independent reports

From time to time the strategic health authority commissions independent investigations and those published since 2010 in relation to AWP are set out below. For each report, AWP has a detailed action plan designed to address criticisms of the Trust which they contain.

An independent investigation was commissioned by NHS England following an internal investigation completed by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust into the events leading up to the death of Ms M (not her real name). Alongside this, a Multi Agency Partnership Review into the death of Ms M was commissioned by Hertfordshire Adult Safeguarding Board. The aim of this investigation is not to investigate the circumstances of the offence, but to enable the providers of care, and the whole of the NHS, to learn lessons and make improvements for the benefit of future patients, their carers and the public. These reports are commissioned so that the NHS is open and transparent with the families involved and the wider public about what took place and what the NHS is doing to address any issues raised. The investigation team's view is that the incident could not have been predicted with any degree of certainty that would have made it possible to prevent.

Read the full documents, including the final report, the action plan, AWP's action plan and media statement:

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