Seeking your views: South Gloucestershire

Date: 16 April 2013 at 2:00PM - 8:00PM

Location: BAWA Centre, Bristol

AWP is holding two meetings for South Gloucestershire which are open to all those with an interest in the work of the Trust...

These will update on a range of topics including progress being made in establishing local service delivery management. The meetings will also outline changes in the way the Trust is going to monitor the quality of its services and discuss the proposed changes to our strategic objectives, vision and values.

There will be a session at 2-4pm or at 6-8pm to choose from, and will take place at BAWA Health & Leisure Centre, 589 Southmead Rd, Bristol BS34 7RG.

Other topics are likely to be added to the agenda nearer the time and we will also take the opportunity to update on progress in becoming a Foundation Trust.

To reserve a place please call the Foundation Trust membership office on 0800 694 9990 or complete the booking form below specifying which meeting you wish to attend.

Seeking your views booking form

Seeking your views

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