06 August 2010

Fromeside scores highly in review

The quality of services and staff at Fromeside, our medium secure service, have been highly praised in a report from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Fromeside was one of the highest scoring out of the 64 medium secure services included in the national report by the College Centre for Quality Improvement. They were rated in areas including accessible and responsive care, environment and amenities, and safety and security. In a detailed individual report issued prior to the national report, the review team gave Fromeside a rating of 96% and said they were very impressed by the high level of staff morale and the continued drive, especially by frontline staff, to continually improve the service. They also noted that the building design and environment are impressive and that Fromeside is clean and well maintained.

Patrick Knowles, service director for Specialised and Secure Services, said: "The review team was at pains to point out that some of their criteria represented ideal practice and that it was highly unlikely that any unit would meet all of them, so a score of 96% represents a real achievement. However we are not resting on our laurels. The review was a very positive process for us and made useful suggestions about areas in which we can improve - we are already acting on those."

Improvements being made include a new hairdressing service for service users, plans for an in-house dental service and work to improve the experience of eating at Fromeside.

Sarah Tucker, programme manager for the Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services at the College Centre for Quality Improvement, said: "Our reviews are important for measuring and driving up quality in secure mental health services. The review team is made up of experienced professionals with detailed understanding of this type of service and who can therefore provide very valuable and objective feedback. We were impressed by how committed staff at Fromeside were to this process. Service users at Fromeside were very positive about the relationships they formed with staff, and felt that they were treated with respect by the majority of staff members."

Jayne Hayes, clinical director for Specialised and Secure Services, said: "Since we opened the new service four years ago, service users and staff have continued to be very involved with how our service operates and develops and this report is a testament to that."

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