14 September 2010

CQC publishes 2010 community mental health survey

The 2010 survey of people who use community mental health services has been published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  

Compared with the results of the last CQC community mental health services survey in 2008, this year's responses paint a mixed picture of service user experience at AWP.  

Whilst some improvements have been made, including being in the top 20 per cent of Trusts for treating service users with dignity and respect, we have not kept pace with the rate of  improvement in other Trusts with the result that in six of the 38 questions covered by the survey, AWP compares unfavourably with them.   

The CQC survey is based on the responses of 249 service users and CQC itself acknowledges that if a different sample of people had responded,  the findings could be very different and so care needs to be taken when interpreting the data.  

Partly to overcome this limitation and partly because we wanted to interrogate the findings by location and by teams so as to identify more specifically where improvements needed to be made, AWP commissioned a larger survey sample which was undertaken simultaneously with the CQC research. 

Based on initial analysis of the larger sample (1,418), numerous actions have already been put in place to tackle weaknesses highlighted in the survey and in particular to address variations in quality across the Trust which the expanded survey pinpoints. Further actions will follow as we pursue our analysis of the data.  

AWP is determined to improve across the spectrum of results and to become part of the top 20 per cent of Trusts and believe that many of the changes which will arise from our service redesign plans will help us to do this, together with the implementation of our specific action plans to address the findings of the CQC survey which were available on the CQC website. 

AWP is grateful to those adult and older adult service users who had episodes of care between 1 July and 30 September 2009 and who took time at the beginning of this year to complete this independent survey.

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