17 August 2011

Kristin committed to making SDAS "best in region"

Kristin Dominy has been appointed Service Director for the Specialist Drug and Alcohol Services SBU on a permanent basis.

Having been seconded to the role on a temporary basis since taking over from David Colyer, Kristin has made the job her own by being successful in a competitive recruitment process, involving internal and external candidates from across the NHS.

Congratulating Kristin on her appointment, Chief Executive, Laura McMurtrie, said: "Since taking over the role, Kristin has displayed outstanding leadership of the SBU, taking it forward into new opportunities and new businesses.  I am delighted that she has been appointed to the role and I wish her continued success."

Kristin said "I am delighted that I shall be able to continue to lead SDAS, building on the work we have already done.  I am committed to making the team the best in the region and I am grateful to my colleagues for the support they have already given me and which I know they will continue to do in the future."

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