19 April 2012

AWP scores highly in trainer survey

AWP has scored highly in the 2011 General Medical Council's trainer survey.

The annual survey reports on trainers' perception of the quality of postgraduate medical education and continuing professional development of both doctors and dentists across the country in geographical areas designated as 'deaneries'.

The Severn Deanery, of which AWP is part, achieved the highest national response rate compared to the other 21 deaneries.

In the Deanery's survey report, AWP received a special commendation for performing well in four areas:

- trainers who had been appraised in relation to their educational responsibilities in the past year

  • trainers performing workplace-based assessments or have received relevant training in the last three years
  • trainers who give feedback to trainees and who've received training in giving feedback to trainees in the last three years
  • reducing factors which impede assessment in the workplace

As a whole, the Severn Deanery scored in the top 3 nationally for 5 indicators: having an appraisal, being trained in equality and diversity, understanding the process of managing doctors in difficulty and having a low score in factors which impede assessment of trainees in the workplace.

However, Severn Deanery received a low score for trainers spending un-contracted time to conduct their educational activity, showing that they may not be receiving as much support as they need to fulfil their role.

Dr Hayley Richards, AWP's Director for Medical Education said: "This shows how committed our trainers are to the education and training of junior doctors. Trainers teach and train others in addition to their busy clinical workload and so these results are particularly impressive and contribute to AWP's good reputation as a training organisation. There is always room for improvement however, and the medical education team has already begun to explore ways to offer more support to trainers."

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