26 April 2012

Fromeside’s recovery model in print

A summary of the experience of implementing the recovery model in Fromeside has been published in the latest issue of the Royal College of Psychiatrist's 'Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services' newsletter.

The newsletter was themed around the recovery model and features articles and case studies from a number of other secure units from across the country.

"We were invited to write an article for the special edition on recovery," says co-author Kian Vakili, Clinical Psychologist. "It was a good way of consolidating and reflecting on the progress we have made since we implemented the recovery model and the challenges we faced in doing so."

"It was also good to get feedback from our service users on how they feel the recovery method is working and what their experience of their involvement has been like, from the beginning to the present day."

The Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services was set up in 2006 to facilitate improvements in mental health settings through a supportive peer-review network. All 70 medium secure units in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are members of the network.

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