22 April 2013

CQC acknowledges Fromeside improvements

AWP staff have managed to have a CQC improvement notice lifted in a matter of weeks. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) had given a formal warning to the Trust in February over staffing levels at Fromeside, Blackberry Hill hospital.

Thanks to a concerted effort by clinical staff and managers, the unit has now received confirmation that the notice has been lifted.

The changes put into place by AWP have included the employment of 18 full time staff, while ward managers and matrons will spend more time working on the ward.

Other improvements have seen the introduction of managers attending regular clinical planning meetings with service users.

According to clinical director Carol Bowes, the speed at which these changes have been put into place is "almost unheard of".

"Having accepted what the CQC said in February, we were all absolutely determined to work fast to address the issues and restore the high quality service which Fromeside provides to service users.

"While we are all proud that this order has been lifted, it is clear that standards have to be monitored at all times, both to prevent slipping below the standards which we would all hope and expect to receive and to identify areas where we can improve, even if we are compliant."

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