17 July 2013

Engagement strategy published

A significant shift in the way our Trust works with service users and carers is central to a new three year engagement and involvement strategy.

It has been shaped by a range of contributions, including feedback from last year's 'Let's get engaged' events and input from the Board's service user and carer steering group. 

The new approach will combine a Trust wide and locality focus with the latter reflecting local needs through establishing their own engagement and involvement forums for service users, carers and their representatives.

They will be supported - as reported in May's snapshot - by locally based and accountable involvement coordinators. Each forum will bring together intelligence which captures service user and carer experience and will identify actions that can improve service quality in that locality.

A new Trust engagement group will replace the Board steering group. Its membership will be drawn from representatives of our Trust's service user group, carers forum and public involvement group and it will oversee engagement and involvement activities and agree priorities. It will involve representatives of localities and our specialist services and will report to the Board's quality and standards committee.

The group will monitor progress against planned actions and scrutinise information that captures service users and carers experience. A key task will also be to co-design an accreditation system which sets out clear standards for our localities and which it will oversee.

The engagement and involvement strategy is backed up by a range of actions and implementation will take place at four levels - individually, by team/ward, by locality and strategically.

Improvements in engagement and involvement will result in people being involved and engaged in their care (day-to-day engagement); experience of services being captured, understood and responded to (engagement to enable feedback); and people's experience being used in the design and delivery of service improvements (involvement in improvement projects).

Click here to download the 'Engagement and Involvement Strategy'.

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