12 November 2013

Hot Coffee, Hot City Topics

HotcitytopicsHot Coffee, Hot City Topics
Friday - the first day of the weekend? Absolutely not in Bristol, where a dynamic new solution-focused breakfast event was launched on Friday 1st November.
The brain-child of Marvin Rees, coffee and pastries helped participants at the first Hot Coffee, Hot City Topics event at South Plaza get into gear for some decisive discussion on the use of community treatment orders (CTOs) in the city.
James Eldred, clinical director for Bristol, proposed the first hot topic: the challenge of CTO use including whether our use of CTOs is too high, what drives our use of them and how effective CTOs are.
James said, "We had an impressively constructive discussion contributed to by staff from our own services as well as from our partners in the city including Second Step and Nilaari. In the light of some intriguing suggestions and data on the culture behind CTO use - for example around ethnicity - we ended up with a range of actions to examine and test our use of CTOs in more depth, with a view to improving and developing our practice in consultation with our commissioners."
Marvin added, "It is about channelling the appetite and energy of local staff and organisations to tackle some fundamental issues and make a real difference to how we - collectively as well as within AWP - approach mental health care in the city. The idea behind Hot Coffee, Hot City Topics is for frontline staff and service users to define challenges, with the ensuing discussion identifying potential solutions and driving action. We are holding Hot Coffee, Hot City Topics on the first Friday of each month from 7.30am to 9.00am.
Rachel Clark, AWP's programme director for development, said, "The first discussion on CTOs generated some interesting questions and being able to consider these from the perspective of different partners was fantastic. This is a real opportunity to think innovatively, learn from other organisations and find ways to improve the experience of service users."
The next event is on Friday 6th December at South Plaza and the topic, which will be introduced by Lisa Catling, is 'Redefining service user involvement: how to get beyond 'them and us' practice'. Particular focuses will be:
• ensuring engagement is the norm rather than the exception.
• ensuring service user involvement is meaningful and powerful rather than simply symbolic.
• as delivery models change, ensuring that involved service users are representative of people's recent experience.
All Bristol staff with an interest in the topic are welcome, as well as service users, representatives from service user groups and staff from partners organisations. However, places are limited, so please call 0117 354 6200 to book your free place. Breakfast included!
Anyone with a challenge to propose for a future event should email Marvin Rees at marvin.rees@nhs.net

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