06 November 2013

Smart approach to recruitment by service users

forget me not

Service users of the Forget-me-Not centre in Swindon have been involved in recruiting a new member of staff.

This was a fantastic achievement and the first time this has been done in memory services.

Service users were involved all the way through - from writing the ad, helping set criteria for the person they were looking for, sitting on the interview panel and taking part in group activities to see how well the candidates related to people with memory difficulties . 

Each service user on the interview panel had a question they wanted to ask written on a slip of paper - needless to say remembering where the slip was for each interview was not plain sailing!

Other methods were also used to help overcome memory problems. For example, with permission, pictures had been taken of all the applicants in case the group needed a reminder of who was being discussed when deciding who they wanted to take up the post.

Lynda Hughes Centre Manager said: "We were really pleased to be able to support people to take control of this process."

The experience was really positive for the group, one of whom said "It was an exhausting two days - but we feel really pleased to have made decisions all along the way, with support from Lynda and the team at Forget-me-Not. It is only right that we make the decision - as we are the ones the person will be working with!"

The Forget-me-Not Centre looks forward to welcoming Danny, who will be joining the team soon.


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