04 April 2014

Frontier Psychiatrist

While mental health, addiction or eating disorders are no yardstick of musical ability, the amount of big name 20th century artists who had issues with one or more of these three areas is curiously high.

Can you consider the music of such diverse acts as Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) or Karen Carpenter without reflecting on the health problems they faced?

Not only is Simon Manchip AWP's Consultant in old age pyschiatry, but he's also a seriously knowledgeable muso with a wealth of information on the state of rock stars' mental health.

On Sunday April 6, Simon will be joining BBC Radio Wiltshire for a very special hour-long programme looking at the "psychopathology of dead rock stars", which isn't something you often hear about at that time of the week.

"The plan is that we'll play a song, then I comment," says Simon.

"As we are talking about people who are dead, I am allowed professionally to comment. Of course it's the anniversary of Cobain's death so we can look at his suicide and discuss the psychiatry aspect behind it - dual diagnosis with depression, plus schizophrenia, anorexia, OCD and borderline personalty traits.

"We'll also be covering other rock artists who died including Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd), Joey Ramone and Richey Edwards (Manics) so it should be an interesting hour in their company."

Join Simon and presenter Mark O'Donnell between 9 - 10am on 6 April on BBC Radio Wiltshire - 103.5FM / 104.3FM / DAB

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