05 February 2014

Mental health meets movies at Callington Road

Gareth Sharman - AWP's Involvement Manager and a military veteran - will be hosting a screening of Katherine Bigelow's acclaimed film,The Hurt Locker at Bristol's Callington Road Hospital on 11 February. Gareth will use his own experiences to engage the audience in a post-viewing discussion of some of the issues that the film raises.

While The Hurt Locker is predominantly seen as an explorationHurt_Locker of the work of bomb disposal teams in conflict hot-spots such as Iraq, Gareth will concentrate on the mental health issues that service personnel often face.

Gareth - who has also worked as part of AWP's South West Veterans' Mental Health Service - is in a strong position to talk about these areas, as he explains:  "The combination of working with the army's drug and alcohol awareness team for about four years before I joined AWP, along with my own experiences, gives me quite a unique insight and it's very gratifying to be able use that experience," says Gareth.

The film is free to staff, service users and anyone with an interest in mental health issues, and is the latest to be shown in a regular agenda for the Callington Film Club.

The Club was set up to promote conversations about all aspects of mental health and previous movie nights have featured diverse films such as The Fisher King, Birdy and the more recent and acclaimed Shame.

"We've run the film club for three years now, and it's a great way of learning more about mental health issues from those with personal or professional experience," says Learning Resources manager, John Loy

"It's not uncommon for films to be a little selective in how they put things on screen - A Beautiful Mind is a good example, as while it's a powerful film, it will happily leave the facts behind for dramatic effect. At the film club people can ask an expert, 'Would that really happen?'  and be part of learning more about how things are more likely to be in the real world."

Gareth hopes that the screening of The Hurt Locker will be thought-provoking and popular:  "If you want to know a little bit more about what makes things go "bang" and how that can unsettle people a bit, come along, see the film and ask me some questions!"

The Hurt Locker is being shown at 6pm on Tuesday 11 February. Please go to the main Woodside Reception at Callington Road hospital, Marmalade Lane, Brislington, where you will be asked to sign in as a visitor. 

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