12 February 2014

Singer-songwriter embarks on tour of AWP services

Acclaimed British singer-songwriter Emily Maguire has today started her tour of AWP hospitals and services. Over the coming weeks she'll perform at a number of Trust sites across the region bringing her live music to our service users, carers and members of staff.

Emily is known for her strong, thought-provoking lyrics and her songs have been played regularly on Radio 2. She has done a lot of work to raise awareness of mental health issues through her music and by sharing her own experiences, and when she's performed for AWP in the past - she performed at Callington Road Hospital and Fromeside in 2011 and more recently at the Staff Awards 2013 ceremony - her performances have been described as moving.

With this tour she will reach many of our service users, some of whom have limited opportunity to enjoy live music, and will provide an uplifting and welcome experience that is bound to inspire.

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