28 January 2014

Changes in how NHS information is used

Better Information Better Care leaflet
Over the next four weeks, every household in England will receive a leaflet from the NHS called ' Better Information Means Better Care'.

This explains the benefits of using information from people's health records for purposes other than direct care, such as to check the quality and safety of care and for research into clinical conditions and treatments. Details which could identify individuals are removed before this information is made available to others. 

Information in people's hospital health records is already used for these purposes. However, from spring of this year, information from people's GP records will also be collected, such as information about prescribing or test results. 

As explained in the leaflet, people have a choice. If you are happy for your information to be used, then you don't need to do anything: there are no forms to complete and there is nothing to sign. If you are unhappy, you can ask their GP to make an entry in your medical notes to restrict your data being used.

If you have any questions or concerns, please

• discuss these with your GP
• call the dedicated information line 0300 456 3531
• or visit  the NHS Choices website at: www.nhs.uk/caredata

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