23 October 2014

Ain't no mountain high enough

Ain't no mountain high enoughService users of the Swindon Early Intervention Team conquered a mighty rock wall in their first climbing trip in October!

The trip, which took place in an abandoned quarry in Frome, was offered by EI team member and qualified rock climber Andy Davenport, along with help and transport from Gary Evans and Mike 'monkey' Allett.

Here is a first hand account of the trip from one of the climbers. 

"It was a beautifully warm day with clear skies on what had been rumoured to be the last day of summer! The destination seemed in the middle of nowhere and those of us new to the site were stunned by the magnitude of the imposing rock face! Standing at 25 metres high!

"Andy Davenport greeted us from the very top! Looking down on us, he seemed unphased by the height, as he fixed up the safety ropes and threw them over the edge. To prepare for this challenging mission and build our confidence, we had some sessions climbing a practice wall  at the 'Link Centre' in Swindon. However, the mountainous quarry we were about to climb was a big progression from these sessions.

"I had concerns about the safety of the wall, but Andy reassured me that the rock face had been climbed many times putting my doubts aside."

"In safety harnesses and wearing our hard hats, the daunting climb began. Most of the group had a go with some people climbing several times. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, although I managed only halfway to the top! The highlight of the trip for me was watching Andy climb right to the top before pulling himself over the top!"

Thank you to the Swindon EI Team for this very exciting, positive, interesting and social day out, which I would definitely do again.

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