30 October 2014

Expert in the field

Nursing in crimimal justice systemExpert in the field

Richard Evans, Manager of the Court Assessment and Referral Service (CARS) is one of the contributing authors of a new textbook called 'Nursing in Criminal Justice Services'.

The book is for all nurses working with patients who are directly or indirectly involved with the criminal justice system and covers a range of issues facing nurses from initial contact with patients in police stations, to nursing care in courts, through prison nursing services and finally into the work of the multi-disciplinary team in the community, where nurses work alongside the probation services. Richard, as a recognised expert in the field covers the topic 'Nursing care in courts' in Chapter 5 of the publication.

The book touches on governance, legislation, professional development and the need to reflect on practice and is described as 'thought provoking' as 'the authors challenge some frequently held beliefs about people in criminal justice settings and show how, at its best, this type of nursing can provide safe, compassionate care for vulnerable and often frightened people, leading to hugely improved outcomes for offenders and ultimately society as a whole.' 

Richard's contribution shows the calibre of practitioners we are lucky to have in AWP and we congratulate him on this achievement.

'Nursing in Criminal Justice Services' was published on 8 October 2014 and is now available on Amazon.

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