30 October 2014

Listen to our Board audio diary

Download or listen to a new podcast that takes you behind the scenes of our monthly Board meetings.Board Diary logo

If you've never attended a Board meeting, there's a chance you might think of them as long-winded, dry affairs that involve a lot of paper shuffling. There's a lot of mystery around what takes place in a Board meeting, who can attend and who the Board actually are, so we decided to take some of the mystery away and give you special access each month.

Starting this month, we're releasing a Board audio diary that you can download or listen to online. For our first one, we met up with Chief Executive Iain Tulley, Medical Director Hayley Richards, and Director of Resources Sue Hall to ask about the purpose of a Board meeting and why they can be very lively events! We also hear the latest about the work we're doing following the CQC report about AWP.

To round things off, our three guests select some of the current good news stories about our staff and services.

Click here to listen to the audio diary for October 2014. To download, right click the link and use the "Save target as" option to save to your device.

And don't forget to join us shortly after the next Board meeting on 28 November, taking place in Salisbury.

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