01 April 2015

Reduction in the number of patients waiting an assessment

Swindon reduction MH assess

Swindon's Mental Health Primary Care Liaison Team has significantly reduced the number of patients waiting for an assessment of their mental health needs.

Based at Sandalwood Court, the Team works closely with Swindon GP's and primary care providers to assess patients presenting with mental health issues. The Team then refers patients on to the required service, for example LIFT (Least Intervention First Time), Swindon Intensive or Recovery Teams and Memory services.

Two months ago, the number of patients waiting for assessment was over 180.  Due to staff vacancies, absences, and a high caseload, the Team were struggling to maintain their 4 week target for assessing patients.

Following staff recruitment and a complete review of how the service works, the number has been reduced to 62.

Where clinically indicated, the Team can now offer assessment within 24 hours and older patients are now being referred more rapidly for memory assessments, so that appropriate treatment can be started as soon as possible.

Lisa Hollis, Team Manager says "We are delighted that we can now deliver a quicker, more effective service. This achievement has been a collective effort that has included each and every one of the team and I want to thank everyone for their fantastic work".

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