14 December 2015

Chief Exec's Blog - Iain's last chapter

blog-mini-greenIn his final blog, AWP Chief Executive Iain Tulley bids us a fond farewell as he reflects on the past three years and prepares to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

When I joined AWP just over three years ago, we started on a journey to move the Trust to one that was clinically led, quality focussed and locally integrated. As I leave to take on a new assignment to develop a mental health service in the State of Qatar, I find myself reflecting on our achievements and thinking about the steps needed to complete the Trust's journey.

I remain deeply committed to the development of mental health services, and believe that the time is right to make way for someone who can lead AWP in the next stage of the journey. I feel very proud to be associated with staff who have been recognized by the CQC for their care and compassion. My time here has been challenging, but the vision and support of the board, the courage and readiness of our clinical leaders and the tolerance and dedication of our staff, has made my job more achievable. 

While there is still work to do to completely meet our intended aims, I would like to think that as I leave, the strong foundations I have built can be found in the number of clinical leaders we now have, to the board's focus on improving quality and in the solid relationships we enjoy with our CCGs, local authorities and partners.

It has been a pleasure to work with many of you through the 'back to the floor' initiative, where I gained an insight and was inspired by the work of so many of our staff. I hope that I leave at a point where senior managers and frontline staff work closer than ever before, with a shared purpose and that improvement to communications up and down the Trust continue.

Whist the NHS is constantly being expected to deliver more with less, I am proud that our services have improved and will continue to do so. This has been reflected in the CQC Community Mental Health Survey that shows AWP has seen improvement in almost all areas and has scored highest in the country in three specific areas.

The NHS faces the most challenging time in its history, but it will prevail as a result of the absolute dedication and vocation of its staff. I would ask our Board, our leaders and the wider NHS to:

Lead with compassion - this is why most people joined the NHS and it's what motivates most of our staff.

Lead with courage - there are some difficult times ahead, let's be open and up front about this and take the difficult decisions in the interest of the people we serve.

Manage with care - if we do not look after our staff and engage them on terms that balance work and life, we will lose their care and compassion, the root to high quality care.

So, thank you for your support and very best wishes in completing the journey of improvement.

Good wishes for Christmas and 2016.



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