22 January 2015

Praise where it's due

Praise_25083% of the comments in the December 2014 Friends and Family Test were positive!

The Friends and Family test (FFT) is a quick and easy way for service users to give feedback on AWP services. It asks you whether you would recommend our inpatient wards or community services to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You can also make comments if you wish.

Although Mental Health Trusts were not required to offer the survey until this year, we have been running it since 2013 and its value is really coming to the fore!

Not only has it helped us see where we need to make improvements, it is also telling us where we are getting things right and giving staff the recognition they deserve.

Last December 2014, over 500 service users who took part chose to comment.87% of the community comments and 65.5 % of the ward comments were positive. Here are some of the things people said.

Inpatient services:

'Great care was given by all staff from housekeepers to staff nurses, friendly atmosphere, welcoming.'

'I was treated with dignity and fairly. Every encouragement was given for my full recovery.'

'The team are excellent and if anyone else was in my situation, I would know they would be in safe hands.'


I found X very warm and compassionate. He made me feel relaxed which enabled me to be open and honest.'

'I didn't have to wait very long. It was all very quick and efficient, brilliant. I can now get on with my life, and live it.'

'I was listened to and not made to feel stupid or daft for having the feelings I do'

'From the first moment through to the last, I felt at ease, safe and in such expert and professional hands and the outcome has made the things which have troubled me all these years finally make sense when I thought they never would. I hope that this service will always be available in the exact same way to people like me as it is invaluable and completely life-changing. Thank you.'

Sally Wood, Patient Experience Manager says, "There are many more comments than these, and many talk about how our services have changed lives. They remind us that working in mental health can be very rewarding.

Over this year, we will be looking for more ways to share this praise with our staff and publicise this positive feedback more widely."

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