28 January 2015

Project Zero

We have received a number of queries asking about AWP's input into a national  initiative called Project Zero aimed at reducing suicide to zero. Suicide is a complex issue and is not solely concerned with 'mental health'.

Almost three quarters of people who take their own lives are not in contact with mental health services at the time of death.  Project Zero is therefore being run by a group of health, social care, voluntary and other organisations called the South West Regional Suicide Reduction Collaborative.

It is based on a successful suicide reduction programme which ran in Detroit, USA and the Collaborative have joined together to see what can be learnt from the US experience, and how it can be applied locally and regionally. You can visit their website here.  We are always looking to learn from colleagues across the country, as well as sharing our work, so we will very much be part of  Project Zero throughout 2015 and beyond.  

Work we are already doing with our partners includes:  

- Joint work with acute hospital colleagues and local public health teams to introduce 'self-harm registers' across the AWP area.
- Trialling a postcard follow-up scheme for people who frequently attend A&E after an episode of self-harm.
- Improving our understanding of high suicide risk locations. Developing projects with mental health teams to target care and follow-up for those people most at risk of suicide.  
- We will provide regular updates and information on our progress over the next two years.  

If you have a comment or question about this work, please contact us here by following this link  and using the Contact us form on the bottom of the web page.   

For help and support for those in distress or affected by suicide:

The Samaritans
Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide        


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