08 June 2015

Carer's Week: Triangle of Care

A major step forward has been achieved in AWP's drive to constantly improve working in partnership with carers.

The Trust has been awarded a second star in the Triangle of Care membership scheme. The main aim of the scheme is to help staff identify the things that will achieve better collaboration with carers. It emphasises how bringing together the knowledge of all people involved in the care of a service user helps to create a fuller picture of their needs, maintains important relationships and promotes recovery.

Membership of the scheme was achieved last year followed by a first star for completing self-assessments of the inpatient and rehab wards and the Intensive teams. The second star has been gained as a result of the self-assessment of all outstanding wards, plus all the community teams.

The next steps and the most important phase will be to build further on this achievement by working on the action plans for each area. Staff need to be consistent in the way they work with carers and to value the collaboration that supports service user recovery.

Lu Duhig Service Improvement, Carers, Quality Academy, said, she was delighted by the commitment of the whole Trust to implementing the Triangle of Care initiative.

In making the award, Ruth Hannan, Policy and Development Lead for the Carers Trust, said, "The long term commitment to the value of Triangle of Care to an organisation and the service users and carers they serve has been clear in your submission."

"I'm delighted to award you with your second Triangle of Care gold star which recognises the achievement of self-assessing all your services and your commitment to carer involvement and support."

The submission was achieved due to a lot of hard work and effort from the clinical teams, carer champions, carer leads and indeed carers themselves who have contributed to the self-assessments and are helping to deliver the actions. We still have a way to go but this is a very welcome milestone.

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