18 March 2015

Improvements to electronic patient record

Since 2011 the Trust has been using an Electronic Patient Record by the name of RiO. Later this year we will be moving to a new version called Open RiO.

Despite the many positives identified since moving to RiO, staff who use the system have suggested improvements. Also, some service users and carers have highlighted that the way information is presented to them could be enhanced.

Open RiO will allow us to make changes to the system to make it better meet the needs of our staff, service users and carers.

The Purposeful Recording Project Team has been set up to manage the changes and is starting to gather information to help them find out what changes we should make.

The Purposeful Recording Team is looking for input from staff who use RiO, service users and carers to steer the changes we make and the way that we use Open RiO in the future.

Please email your thoughts and suggestions to awp.EPRPurposefulRecording@nhs.net or alternatively email your contact details and we will arrange to talk to you either by phone or face to face.

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