18 March 2015

Swindon highly rated for dementia diagnosis

The Trust is proud to announce that Swindon is in the top four trusts in England as having the highest dementia diagnosis rate.

The Government tasked NHS England to increase the diagnosis rate of people thought to have dementia. The Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group set us a target rate of 66%.

Four months ago we had a 42% dementia diagnosis rate. This has now increased to 70%.

This rapid improvement was achieved by accessing everyone admitted to hospital diagnosed with dementia; increasing capacity in the memory clinic, working with people in care homes with an established diagnosis but not on the GP register and diagnosing people after GP referral where the home was confident the resident had dementia.

Dr Simon Manchip Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry and Clinical Director for Swindon says

"It has taken an incredible amount of hard work from the memory service in Swindon and I am really proud to feel that Swindon is a flag ship for the rest of England in how to get the diagnosis rate up".

The benefit of the Trust being rated so highly is the increased number of people being diagnosed with dementia. Diagnosis is not only important for people with dementia, but also their carers as their GP practice will know to offer support.  Also, care home staff are better equipped to communicate to a resident with dementia when they have confirmation of the diagnosis.

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